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Holy Avatar vs Maidens of the Dead



Following the success of the RPG-Parody Grotesque Tactics franchise, comes a spin-off nestled in the heart of a tropical zombie bevvy of beauties against the greatest hero of them all, conveniently titled: Holy Avatar vs. Maidens of the Dead

As the story goes...

...after the last great battle, our hero Holy Avatar decides to grab a little R&R with his Guild of Maidens on a Caribbean island he recently purchased and renamed "Holy Island".

Upon arrival on the beach, he makes a gruesome discovery; numerous dead maidens, horribly mutilated, are scattered all over the island and what's worse, they're not staying dead! Holy Avatar must put down his mai tai and investigate this strange and unsettling turn of events. New adventures, new hazards and, did we mention the zombies... await our hero and his companions inside the dense woods and caves of this once idyllic island.


  • Brilliant RPG parody writing (or at least a parody of writing for RPGs).
  • Updated cell-shaded graphics.
  • Zombie women - who don't look a day over deceased.
  • Fixed camera with advanced dramedy.
  • Tropical island themed HUD.
  • Caribbean style Soundtrack.
  • Exciting round-based battles.
  • An Island of Zombies.
  • Wide range of flesh dripping quests.
  • Difficulty ranges for beginners and veterans alike.
  • In-depth Skill Tree System.

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  • Manufactured by: HeadUp Games

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